Tips for baby gifting

Gifting for babies can be a daunting task. They are literally a brand new human, who you’ve never met, and you need to find the PERFECT gift. 

There are so many things to choose from, and it can be hard to know what the baby will actually use. Even if you’re an experienced parent, it’s still hard to know what the family might like or need. Here are a few tips from me (mum to four!) for choosing the perfect gift for a baby:

  • Think about the parents' needs. What are they struggling with right now? A gift that can help them with their new baby can be a lifesaver. For example, a gift voucher for a meal delivery service can be a great way to help the parents relax and recharge. If you’re nearby, maybe a homemade meal for their freezer could be a nice touch (let me be honest - this is the kind of thing I’d love to do, but probably never will  …!).

  • Choose something age-appropriate. Babies grow up fast, so it's important to choose a gift that will be appropriate for their age. For example, a gift that is too advanced for the baby may be put away, misplaced and not be used, and a gift that is too young may be outgrown quickly. If choosing clothing, think about sizing and the seasons - are you looking at a summer print that will fit at Christmas?

  • Consider the family’s lifestyle. Some families run a tight ship with a streamlined changing bag, tiny basket of toys and are always ready to jump in the car or camper van for a weekend away. Some love techie gadgets, and some prefer vegan, sustainable or plastic free items. Try to choose a gift that suits the family’s values.

  • While thinking about the family - don’t forget any siblings! A new baby in the family can be hard on big brothers and sisters, especially if they’re still little themselves. Even a token gift for them can make a difference (the parents may not thank you if it is something noisy or messy though!)

  • What about the parents? They are just as important as the baby (mum especially!). Choose a gift that they can enjoy, such as your fave parenting book, a gift voucher for a massage, or some fancy toiletries to make that 2 minute shower feel like a spa break.

Here are a few specific gifts for babies that I can help you with, matching a variety of budgets:

  • Under £10
  • £10-20
    • harem pants start at £15 and are great for babies in cloth or disposable nappies
    • A mini gift set which consists of two knotted hats and a pack of five wipes in mixed prints
    • Rompers start at £20 and a super cute and colourful
  • £20-30
    • a baby harem pant gift set is a lovely bundle to celebrate a new baby. This set consists of a pair of harem pant, a matching knotted hat, and 10 mixed reusable wipes
    • two pairs of harem pants in consecutive sizes is a super cute gift idea too (especially if you can’t choose your favourite print!)
  • £30-40
    • A baby romper gift set, which consists of a romper, a matching knotted hat, and 15 mixed wipes

No matter what you choose, don’t stress about it and have fun shopping!

Much love,


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