Easy Up Rompers

This is the easiest romper you will ever find. It looks a little confusing, but it's really super simple! You just get their feet in, through the neckband, into the ankle cuffs, then pull the whole thing up, like a swim suit. No fussy buttons, no snap fastenings, no zips, It's as easy as pie, and the fabric just pings back into shape with no bagginess. Hurrah for elastane!


This style is available in long leg style, and a shortie version is also available now! It is a loose fit harem overall made from soft cotton jersey, and does have a pretty relaxed harem crotch (so lots of room for a cloth or disposable nappy). Cuffs are soft and stretchy so dressing is easy, and are made from a super stretchy ribbing with excellent recovery.  


They are available in full length all year round, and in shortie length as part of our summer collection - available now! The shortie style is around knee length, depending on the size and shape of your child. The cuffs can be folded up or over to alter the length really easily - have a play around :-)


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