Sizing info

As a mum of four, I know full well that children come in all shapes and sizes, and that it can be really hard buying online when you can't compare as easily. So here's a size chart to help you (if you can hold them still long enough to get a measurement ...).

I've been sewing and selling these items for enough years to be confident of accurate sizing. If you're unsure, send me a message to discuss or just size up - cuffs can always be folded under or rolled up. If the child you're buying for needs extra length or a smaller waistband, please leave a note at the checkout - that's no trouble at all. 



size 0-3m - up to height 60cm - waist 43cm
size 3-6m - up to height 69cm - waist 45cm
size 6-9m - up to height 75cm - waist 48cm
size 9-12m - up to height 79cm - waist 49cm
size 12-18m - up to height 83cm - waist 50cm
size 18-24m - up to height 90cm - waist 51cm
size 2-3y - up to height 97cm - waist 52cm
size 3-4y - up to height 103cm - waist 53cm
size 4-5y - up to height 109cm - waist 55cm
size 5-6y - up to height 115cm - waist 57cm
size 6-7y - up to height 121cm - waist 59cm
size 7-8y - up to height 127cm - waist 61cm


Larger sizes available in all styles upon request, dependent on capacity - so please message me for further info.