Teal Foxes Easy Up Romper
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Teal Foxes Easy Up Romper

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Foxes! Perfectly unisex on a deep teal background. Gorgeous :-)


Our new Easy Up Romper is a revelation. No fussy fastenings, totally unisex, roomy for cloth and disposable nappies - the perfect romper from babies up to toilet trained independent dressers. The sleeveless style is perfect for layering. 


"But how?" I can hear you asking? Well, you (or they!) just put their feet in and pull it up like a swimsuit. There's loads of stretch in the neckband to get the fabric over the nappy and up over the shoulders, and then the perfect recovery so the fabric sits neat and flat again. It doesn't even really matter if you get the front and back mixed up (the front neckline is slightly lower, but most wouldn't notice!).

Care Information - these rompers are made from 95% cotton/5% elastane. They are machine washable at 30 degrees. Please wash inside out. Tumble drying is not advised. If needed, iron on a cool setting.