Mystery Harem Pants/Leggings
Biddy and Bear

Mystery Harem Pants/Leggings

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Love Biddy and Bear pants but can’t choose? Love a bargain? Or just really indecisive? Well look no further! Mystery harems or leggings are here! Let me choose for you, you might g a brand new print not available yet, or you might get something very special that hasn’t ever been listed here in the website. How exciting?!

Mystery pants are priced at £3.50-4 less than normal, meaning a 20-29% reduction. Happy days!


Please leave a note if you have any vague preferences - thinks like “no florals”, “no pale colours” are really helpful, as is letting me know what prints you already own so I don’t duplicate! I’ll try my best to  work with your preferences but please be aware you really good get ANYTHING. Rest assured it’ll be fabulous, naturally :-)


Mystery pants are available in our harem fit and relaxed legging fit to age 8. Both styles are made from soft cotton jersey, with soft and stretchy waistband and ankle cuffs. The cuffed ankles keep any extra length from under their feet/shoes - also, you can turn the cuffs up or under if you're buying with extra growing room in mind.


The harem style is a loose fit legging made from soft cotton jersey, with seams down the outside of each leg. They have a loose fit around the crotch, leaving lots of room for a nappy (either cloth or disposable) and chunky thighs, with a slimmer fit at the ankle. Our harem pants are the comfiest trousers for little ones and my choice for 0-3y.


Our legging style is a slim (but not skinny!) fit, with a seam down the front and back of the crotch and the inside leg. They do fit a cloth nappy, but are less roomy than the harem style. Leggings are my preferred style for age 3+ (and for kids out of nappies).


Care Information - these pants are made from 95% cotton/5% elastane or 96% cotton/4% elastane fabric. They are machine washable at 30 degrees. Please wash inside out. Tumble drying is not advised. If needed, iron on a cool setting.